Earlier in the year, Asus showed us how thin a Windows tablet could be, and shortly, Australians will be able to see for themselves, as the company releases its Air-like machine.

An announcement made at CES in January is about to make landfall locally, as Asus delivers its own take on the air-like computers we’re used to seeing today.

It’s called the “Chi”, which translates to “air”, and tells us ahead of time really what Asus is targeting with this release (hint: it’s probably Apple’s MacBook Air).

The official name is the Asus Transformer Book Chi T300, though you can probably call it the Chi for short, or just T300, and for this machine, Asus has taken the approach of building a machine made of aluminium, making it super slim, and throwing in the sort of components that will make the machine reasonably fast, very quiet, and stable enough to run a full version of Windows 8.

“We’ve designed the Transformer Book Chi T300 as the perfect companion device for highly mobile professionals,” said Portia Chang, Asus Region Director for Australia and New Zealand. “T300 Chi offers the versatility of a high-end tablet, with the practicality of an Ultrabook – a non-compromise solution whether you’re on the road for business, or relaxing at home web browsing or watching a movie.”


Like previous Asus Transformer machines, this one will be made of two parts, comprising of the tablet section — with the screen and computer — and then a keyboard section with a battery, selection of ports, and of course, the keyboard and mouse.

Previously, these sections would link up with magnets and little metal clasp connections, but Asus has been doing work here to make sure they dock with ease, the two sections coming together and staying put without so much of a button needed to be pressed to pry them apart.