ASUS U and UX Series notebook computers

ASUS has lifted the curtains on a new class of ultra-thin notebooks that make no compromises on PC performance – the U and UX Series.

Taking nothing away from functionality, the U20, U50, UX50 and U80 notebooks are sculpted to a slim form and soft, elegant design. While most full performance notebooks appear stocky and heavy, the U/UX Series is the ultimate balance of portability, rich design and high performance.

Inspired by the aerodynamic shape of a butterfly, the U/ UX Series notebooks are adorned with a thinner and brighter LED widescreen display, softly contoured chassis and glossy piano-finish cover.

The elegant figure of the U20, U50 and U80 notebooks are further illuminated by a glowing keyboard and intuitive touchpad that sends a trail of lights to follow the user’s fingertips. The Light-in-Motion technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to provide a comfortable computing experience in all environments, day and night.

To provide users with a complete multimedia experience, the U50, UX50 and U80 notebooks are decked with a dedicated graphics card and blasts high definition audio through its Altec Lansing Dolby SRS speakers.

The Express Gate functionality offers convenience and increased productivity for users by enabling access to the internet and commonly used programs in just 8 seconds. Users can also enjoy full connectivity with built-in Webcam, 802.11 Wireless + Gigabit LAN, Bluetooth and HDMI for connection to HD TV and home theatre systems.

The U/UX Series notebook also offers data security with file encryption for absolute peace of mind.

The U/UX series comes in a range of screen sizes – 12.1″, 14″ and 15.6″ – and specifications to suit all computing needs. It has a global 2 years warranty and can be purchased from major computer resellers and retailers.


ASUS U and UX Series notebook computers specifications table