Atari to bring Jenga to Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS


Atari have announced that it will publish Jenga, based on the world famous wooden block tower building game. Designed to make the most of the innovative control systems on Wii and DS, the game will offer unpredictable, quick-paced, tactical play that combines suspense and risk-taking, where mounting anticipation comes to a crashing climax.

Licensed by Pokonobe Associates and developed by Atomic Planet, Jenga for the Nintendo DS and Wii will ship in November 2007.

Players of the Wii version can get physical with the Wii Remote? and Nunchuk? controllers as they battle to keep the Jenga tower from falling, while on the DS the touchscreen provides equally intuitive control of the fast-paced action. Players will experience sophisticated physics, and a multitude of game-play options (single and multiplayer).

The game will contain all the fun, intensity and challenge of the original boxed game with a wealth of exciting new enhancements, power-ups and twists that are possible only in the videogame world. Simple to learn and fun to play, Jenga promises great entertainment for all ages.

The licensor, Pokonobe Associates, is exclusively represented for interactive gaming by Dimensional Branding Group and the leading interactive representation firm Fog Studios.

Source: Atari Australia