Audio recording comes to every major mobile platform via IK

There was a time web musicians needed a studio if they wanted a recording, and then home studios were conceived. Now, you don’t even need a home.

This week, the Italian engineers at IK Multimedia have announced that a new product is on its way to store shelves that could change the way people record, giving students, buskers, and anyone else with an instrument or voice, talent, and a mobile device the ability to capture their works cleanly and easily.

That sort of technology is coming in the form of the iRig Pro Duo, a two channel audio capture device designed to bring in microphone and instrument signals by way of the necessary input jacks, phantom power, and high-headroom pre-amps, with 24-bit analogue-to-digital converters.


IK’s iRig Pro Duo can take its feed and send that through to quite an array of mobile devices, too, with laptops running either Mac OS or Windows supported out of the box, but also mobile phoned and tablets supporting either iOS or Android, meaning an iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy smartphone can all become portable recording studios out in the field.

The iRig Pro Duo can capture from two inputs simultaneously, and there’s even support for MIDI, meaning the singer songwriter can grab their voice and instrument at the same time if needed, capturing to the phone for easy sharing later.


And just to make things interesting, the iRig also comes with one other neat trick: it is powered by two AA batteries, suggesting that if you did run out of battery power, you could easily replace it. Alternatively, if you decide to plug the iRig into a laptop, it can take its power from USB.

As for the software, there’s a decent amount of that available with the device, with some software available for Android, iOS, and Mac and Windows computers, with support for Garageband and Logic for Mac, if you’re using one of those applications already.


Pricing on IK’s iRig Pro Duo in this part of the world isn’t known, though with a US price of around $199 before tax, Australians might be surprised to learn that it will fetch $329.99 locally, which is much less than the just-under-$400 we were expecting.