Audio Technica adds new headphones, subtracts noise

The Japanese audio engineers at Audio Technica may have just given us a new reason to board an aeroplane and go jet setting, with two pairs of headphones that upgrade its line-up of noise cancelling gear.

The first of the headsets that Audio Technica will be releasing is the ANC9, a pair of headphones that boast 95% cancellation of outside noise.

Taking advantage of a new technology called “Tri-Level Cancellation”, you’ll be able to switch the headphones into one of three modes able to cancel noise out in different ways. “Mode 1” is for aeroplanes and other forms of transport, “Mode 2” is offices and crowded environments, and “Mode 3” is for quiet places where you just want to make sure your listening is undisturbed.

Replaceable memory foam earpads have also been added, and two 1.2 metre detachable cables come as part of the package, one offering an inline microphone and music controller supporting devices in Apple’s i-range.

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 headphones should be hitting stores now, available for a recommended retail price of $349.

New to the range is a pair of $99 headphones (below), bundling in-ear phones with Audio Technica’s active noise cancelling technology.

Available now, the ATH-ANC23 is said to cancel out 90% of all noise, working best with constant noise such as aircraft engines or road noise.

Like the more expensive ANC9 headphones, these will offer memory foam, albeit in the form of in-ear tips, essentially offering an earphone that should conform to the shape of your ear canal.

Both headphones will run the active noise cancelling technology on a single AAA battery, even providing audio in a passive mode if switched off or out of power.