Audi’s next A8 brings the web where ever you are

These days, you’ve got Internet access everywhere you go so why not your car?

Audi’s 2011 A8 is set to be the first car in the world with a built-in wireless hotspot. Up to eight users can connect to the wireless system and reach Internet speeds of up to 7.2Mbps while they’re driving.

The system Audi has gone for can be activated in one of two ways. A8 owners can either pair their mobile phone with the on-board system of the car, or they can put a SIM card right into a module inside the car and activate it that way. WPA2 encryption is provided as well to make it just that much more secure.

Audi A8

While the idea of a portable hotspot isn’t a new one, installing it directly in a car is something new for the world. Previously (and currently), car owners would have to purchase a 3G mobile base station called a femtocell.

Set to be available later this year, the A8 will also feature a slew of cool technologies including satellite navigation with night vision and Bang & Olufsen sound.