Aussie app to help with getting social during the festive season

A new app by an Aussie developer hopes to help people celebrate the season together, bringing friends together at a place they’re probably all too familiar with.

The app isn’t shy about what it’s for, though, and is called “Boozd”.

We’re sure the name kind of gives its purpose a little away there, and while it implies something of a little alcoholic nature, it’s not really about getting boozed up, but rather drinking with friends.

“We designed Boozd as a solution for spur of the moment night outs, allowing groups of friends to see who is out and about without having to trawl through baby pictures and adverts, which appear on most Facebook feeds,” said Andrew Davis, Co-Founder of the company responsible for Boozd, Inspiring Apps.

Rather than deal with a feed of irrelevant information, Boozd relies on the Facebook connect many of us use, but employs it to link up lists of friends and maps, showing the pubs and clubs friends are drinking at so you can find them and join them.

Boozd connects with Facebook for the social side, but runs its own network as a check-in system, allowing people to leave posts talking about the place they’re at, or even just describing why they’re at the drinking hole having a good one or two.

There’s also a time element with the app, showing the length of time precisely for the first hour since you checked in, and then on an hourly basis since that, all to help your friends find you when they’re out an about, or to help you find them. And when you leave and check in somewhere else, the post from the old place is deleted automatically, so they’re not wandering to a totally different pub and frustrated that they can’t share with you.

Not looking like a boozehound is also part of the equation, so a 12 hour maximum time-out has been applied, automatically deleting the last post 12 hours after the last check in has been made.

The app is required to make this work, though — it’s not just a Facebook thing — and right now, it’s Apple iOS specific, though Android has a release coming in January, though it will be interesting to see if Inspiring Apps pulls this together sooner, ’tis the season and all.