Save big with Aussie Broadband’s NBN sale for new & existing customers

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Good news for Aussie Broadband customers wanting to save on NBN plans: its big Black Friday sale applies to everyone, even existing customers. With some minor caveats.

As announced last month, the internet service provider’s (ISP) prices recently changed in line with a shift in wholesale NBN costs. Slower-speed plans, like the popular 50/20 tier, increased to $85 a month, up from $79. Meanwhile, faster plans dropped in price – with the 1000/50 product dropping from $149 down to $129 per month.

In an effort to help soften the blow for customers encountering a price hike, the Aussie Broadband Black Friday sale includes a monthly discount between $10-20 for a year. Unlike a lot of telco and ISP promotions, this applies to both new and existing customers.

From now until 10 December 2023 you can sign up for an NBN 100/20 or 100/40 unlimited plan at a monthly $10 discount by using the code ‘FASTBF’ (‘FASTUPBF’ for existing customers). This brings the 100/20 plan down to a monthly $85 cost for 12 months, while the 100/40 tier costs $105. If you’re already on a 50/20 plan, you might as well benefit from the faster 100Mbps download speeds for the same price. Overall, it works out to save $120 over a year, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Internet-heavy households arguably get the biggest benefit from the Aussie Broadband sale. Its 250/25 and 1000/50 NBN plans are both discounted by $20 a month using ‘SUPERBF’ (‘SUPERUPBF’ for existing customers) – a $240 discount over 12 months. Not bad at all. Importantly, that discount applies to the revised pricing structure. Before the changes to wholesale pricing, you’d pay $149 a month for the 1000/50 tier. Now, the standard price is $129, further discounted to $109 as part of the promotion. A pretty sweet deal.

Aussie Broadband NBN sale details

There is one part of the fine print to consider, however. Although new signups need not worry, existing customers can only access the sale by upgrading to a faster plan. As long as you’re on a lower tier than the one you want to get on sale, or haven’t recently downgraded from said tier, you’re in the clear. Further details are included in the terms and conditions.

Even with the sale, there are still cheaper NBN plans around. Looking at the speed tiers Aussie Broadband has on sale, the likes of Dodo and Superloop cost less based on current offers. Regardless, Aussie has a strong reputation among customers, having recently been recognised by Roy Morgan as Australia’s most trusted telco, among a slew of other awards from Reader’s Digest and Choice.

I’m a happy Aussie Broadband customer and will definitely take up the discounted upgrade. To help save on your internet bill, make sure to compare the cheapest NBN plans and get the best deal.

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