Aussie design house firms up Apple’s iPhone, stops #bendgate with a case

While the tale of Apple’s bendy iPhone 6 Plus seems to be more talked about than seen, a design company from Melbourne has seen it as an opportunity to capitalise on the design fault with a design win in the form of a new case.

The accessory comes from Melbourne’s Studio Proper, with an iPhone 6 Plus set of cases built to withstand the problem that is being revealed by some iPhone 6 owners with a metal case that bends under pressure.

Mind you, the problem isn’t anywhere near as large as what some people are reporting, but if you own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and you’re at all concerned, you can at least address the problem with a specialised case made with this purpose in mind, and designed in Australia, no less.

“All of our products, including our cases, are made from strong, premium materials,” said Alon Tamir, Director of Studio Proper. “In other words, they won’t let your iPhone 6 Plus bend.”

Aside for stronger case materials, Studio Proper is keeping its M Lock in place, making it compatible with the lock mechanism Studio Proper has used in other cases, which means the phone will be wall mountable if need be, or on other surfaces.

Studio Proper’s range of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases are $15 and $30 respectively, and will be available towards the end of October.