The dog collar has never been all that tech savvy, and is usually just a bit of material that allowed owners to keep contact details with their beloved furry friends, but what if it could do a little more?

A couple of Australians think that might be something worth looking into and have this week launched a Kickstarter for a redesigned dog collar made for today, not yesterday.

It’s called the “Buddy” and it is an evolution on the dog collar because it adds a whole heap of technology, and not just for the sake of it.


For instance, there’s an LED strip in the collar with programmable lights, not just so you can make your pooch look cool, but so you can make them stand out and find them in the dark.

There are also sensors, and quite a few. You’ll find a light sensor, temperature sensor, movement sensors (three axis accelerometer), and even GPS tracking in one variation, with all of this coming together and communicating to phones and tablets information about the pet the collar is wrapped around the neck of.

For the “Lite” version, it’s a fitness tracker for a dog to find out how much exercise they’re getting, and if you need to throw the ball more often, while the “Fit” version pushes that a little more with an OLED display.

The GPS variation is the most exciting of the bunch, and throws a tracker in there to tell you where your dog is, which might be handy if you ever leave the gate open by accident, or a storm causes the pup to go running.