Aussie reaches the Electrolux Design Lab top ten

Some people are just at the forefront of design and technology, and out of over a thousand entrants in an Electrolux design competition, one Aussie has made it through to the top ten.

Showing how food storage can change, Amy Mon-Chu Liu from Queensland’s University Of Technology entered in the “Treat,” a storage device that attaches to a tree-shaped mechanism and changes colour as food ages.

The storage pods would have several functions in them, including the ability to heat and preheat food for consumption later, even featuring the ability to monitor the quality of the contents over a smartphone app.

Amy was the only Australian to make it into the top ten of Electrolux’s 10th annual Design Lab competition, joining entrants from England, New Zealand, Brazil, China Denmark, Norway, Poland, and Spain, with the product concepts being shown for final judging next week at the Triennale Design Museum in Italy.

“As we are celebrating the ten year anniversary of Electrolux Design Lab, we wanted to give the students a brief that challenged them to create a holistic sensory experience,” said Henrik Otto, Vice President of Design at Electrolux.

“The ten concepts that have reached to the Design Lab 2012 finals are an overview of the kind of creative design thinking that surprises and challenges us and creates discussion about the future.”

Amy’s Treat tree-inspired storage mechanism will compete against other products, including a coffee maker that uses hand-print recognition to remember your coffee, a digital spoon that can work out what would make a meal more balanced similar, and a ball which filters and throws scents into the air.