Aussie skins announced for your new iPhone kin

The release is just a few days away for Apple’s next flagship smartphone, so what will new owners be protecting their pride and joy with?

Quite a few cases made by Australian companies will be making their way to store shelves for the iPhone 5, and we’ve got word on several.

Starting it off is Cygnett, which alerted us to the almost 20 iPhone 5 cases the company plans on releasing.

Most of these are the stock standard basic skin with a cool design on the back, such as the Icon series, or the AeroGrip snap cases which hug the phone and don’t let go.

Others, though, are built to be dropped with tough materials and shock absorption, or feature premium materials, such as the UrbanShield from Cygnett which is available in either aluminium or carbon fibre.

Studio Proper has already made its Wallee mountable case for the next iPhone, with the skin coming in black and white, supporting the cross Wallee mount disks so the phone can be attached to your car’s dashboard, the wall at home, or anywhere else you’ve left a mount.

Joining them is STM Bags with three cases for the iPhone 5, arriving in the Opera, Harbour, and Arvo range.

Oh look. A fold-out kickstand.

Both the Opera and Harbour are loosely designed from something Sydney has, in this case the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge respectively, while the Arvo is a case with a built-in kickstand at the back, so you can set it up and watch movies where ever you are.

Can you see the Harbour Bridge in these?