Aussie tech company Laser celebrates 35th anniversary with upcoming range

Laser 35th anniversary range

From floppy disks to the latest in smart home technology, Australian tech company Laser hasn’t show any signs of slowing down, revealing the next wave of products at its 35th-anniversary event in Sydney.

New Matter-compatible smart home gadgets, pet technology, e-mobility and portable power stations will form the bedrock of the company’s immediate future. Laser working with the Matter smart home protocol is a major move, one that international brands like IKEA will support when the cross-platform standard launches in spring. This means Laser and its upcoming Connect Smart Home products – including smart light bulbs – will operate easier and faster while seamlessly connecting with other brands’ products that also support the Matter standard.

Another area Laser is expanding into is outdoor power solutions. Portable power stations for campers, tradies, and home backup use are on the way in the near future. This comes off the back of the continued support for its existing brands including Tech4Pets, dashcam label Navig8r, and the gaming peripheral Gtek range.

Laser also renewed its commitment to various sustainability practices. Many of its products will be made from recycled and recyclable materials, with packaging to meet sustainable protocols established by APCO and Redcycle.

At the 35th anniversary event, Laser managing director Chris Lau reflected on the company’s long-term success and affordable philosophy.

“Our history mirrors the significant consumer technology revolution we have experienced over the last four decades, technology that has changed the world and the way we live our everyday lives,” Lau said. “We have played an important role in helping many Australians adopt and try new technology for the very first time, an often under-appreciated benefit of delivering affordable but high-quality products.”

“We are proud to be a home-grown Aussie consumer electronics success story, delivering great technology, affordable and accessible to all.”

35 years is an impressive run by any measure, especially in an industry as fast-paced as technology. Expect to see plenty more years as Laser continues supplying affordable electronic goods to major retailers like Big W, Harvey Norman, and Officeworks.

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