Aussies want to stop kids/pets locked in cars

As many as 50 children die each year in Australia and the US from being locked in a car – hyperthermia. A Brisbane couple has invented dTec SafeKam to prevent this.

At this stage, it is a good idea and in an Indiegogo program to generate crowdfunding. It is such an elementary idea you wonder why it has not been done before.

dTec SafeKam is not rocket science – it is a great idea to combine a PIR (passive infrared motion sensor), dash cam (that works inside the car), thermometer, SD card, Bluetooth, 3/4G connectivity and some good software to alert car owners of movement inside the car.

GadgetGuy’s take

I predict that apart from helping to protect kids or pets it will be a hit with users that want to detect unauthorised entry (break-ins) and harness its 3/4G connectivity as an in-car wi-fi hotspot.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform. It allows you to safely ‘invest’ and support the concept. If the goal is not reached, you get your money back.