Australia to take Census online

Tomorrow night is Census night, with every household in Australia being asked to fill out a form and tell the government about their lives. But hold up, because this year you can take it online.

This year’s census is the 16th in Australia’s 100 year statistic recording history, and now that we’ve truly got our heads around the digital age, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is letting us take the census online.

You still need the form that was deposited in your mailbox for the eCensus, but only for the form number. Everything else can be taken online, with only a web browser required, meaning you can take it on an iPad, Android tablet, or your regular desktop or notebook computer.

As for the Census, you don’t have to wait and can start filling it out now. The Bureau of Statistics expects a lot of people online tomorrow, so if you’re worried about not being able to lodge, you can always do it when you get home tonight.