Australian app Winkiwoo offers your life as a book

The next time you’re looking for a present for family or friends, a new gift idea from an Australian company could be just the thing, turning a Facebook presence into a physical book.

Winkiwoo is a new Facebook app designed to capture the photos, status updates, and other bits of Facebook goodness that your friends have made and publish it into a nice little book.

Run out of regional NSW by the Eastmon Group, Winkiwoo has sold over 60,000 books since it launched just before Christmas, with international purchasing making up for much of the success.

Winkiwoo allows you to turn your Facebook photo albums into books with an online interface.

The service offers two types of books, with photo-books offered from uploaded Facebook images, or a status-book with pages of your Facebook status updates.

It doesn’t even have to be your Facebook page, as the service can look up friends and compile a book from that person’s updates from a specific time range. A maximum of 100 pages is offered, so if they update Facebook often, you’ll need to pick reasonably short timespans for the book.

Prices start at around $15 plus shipping, but like most Facebook apps, trying it out and seeing what options you have is free, you just need to authorise and add the Winkiwoo app to your Facebook account.