Australian government advises iPhone, iPad owners to change their iCloud passwords immediately

Security problems aren’t going to stop, and this week’s doozy affects Apple, which is a change from the regular Android and Windows issues, with the government suggesting all iOS users change their passwords pronto.

The alert comes hot on the heels of news that several Australian owners of Apple iProducts have had their devices targeted and, essentially, held for ransom.

According to the government, some Aussie accounts over at Apple have been compromised, with an email sent from the “Find My iPhone” function that works on every Apple product. Devices being held for random will find a message on their screen saying their product has been “Hacked by Oleg Pliss,” and that to unlock it, they will need to pay a ransom over PayPal.

As a result of this, the Australian government’s “Stay Smart Online” website is now advising people to not pay the ransom, and to change the password used for your Apple iCloud account using iTunes or another connected device, with Apple’s two-step verification also being suggested as something all Apple owners should be using.

Basically, if you own an Apple iProduct, and have ever bought anything using the iTunes or App Store, it might be time to change that password now, to stop this hacker in his tracks.