Australian invention “iCatchi” to save your headphone port


We’ve all had dust, grit, or some liquid fall into our headphone jack on our mobiles, only to find the sound is now just a little bit wonky (and if you haven’t yet, count your blessings). Well it seems there’s now a solution for this, and it’s been invented by an Aussie.

Called the iCatchi Plug, this simple device is a plug designed to block your 3.5mm headphone jack when it’s not in use. It comes in lots of colours, designs, and costs $7.95, making it an easy and affordable solution to stopping dirt or water from getting into your headphone hole.

Every iPhone has a liquid contact indicator inside the headphone jack, including the iPhone 3G/3GS (left) and iPhone 4 (right).

Liquid is, sadly, one of the easiest ways to damage your phone. Most smartphones have what’s called a “liquid contact indicator,” a tiny sticker that will change colour when exposed to water, usually from white to red. If the indicator is red, the manufacturer of your smartphone – such as Apple, HTC, or BlackBerry – might not cover the repairs of your headphone port if it ever gets ruined.

While some companies are beginning to relax their conditions, the iCatchi looks like a great option for anyone at all concerned about accidentally damaging their phone when it rains.

The iCatchi comes with different designs and in different sizes.