Australian iPad case stops your kids from breaking it

It’s hard to keep gadgets from your kids, and chances are that if you own an iPad and have kids, your tablet is almost always in their possession, with you sitting on the edge, worried about them breaking it. That last part can be solved, however, with a case released by a local company.

Created by Studio Proper, the Clumsy Case is a foam shell for the iPad designed to let kids be kids while putting your fears at ease.

Available in three colours, the Clumsy Case is the brainchild of Alon Tamir, founder of Studio Proper, who said the product was inspired by his children.

“I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old, and with a geek father like me, it’s no surprise they love technology,” said Tamir. “But, they’re certainly not coordinated enough, and don’t realise how much daddy paid for that iPad, to stop throwing around like it’s a teddy bear.”

Made of oversized rubberised foam, the case can be stood up or rested flat, with holes in the right places for the rear camera, headphone jack, and Apple docking connector.

You’ll need an iPad 2 or new iPad (third-generation, 2012) to use it, as the first gens are shaped too differently, but if you have kids and a worry that your iPad will go a tumbling, it may be worth eyeing the $40 Clumsy Case when it comes our in November.