Australian service Niggle It helps get financial issues under control

Was your New Year’s resolution to get those tax and financial problems well under control? “Niggle It”, a new Australian service, aims to help out by dealing with warranties and receipts when you can’t remember things.

The concept is simple: simply take a photo of a receipt or warranty (or even a contract), enter the info (name, description, value, date signed, and length of contract or warranty), and Niggle It will monitor your services for you.


“It seemed like an obvious problem that I wanted to address,” says Niggle It’s creator Chris Williamson. “My needs were simple: I wanted to save money, stop the repeat purchases and get some order to the paper chaos at home.”

Originating in Sydney, Niggle It will store images detailing your activities, as well as manuals any other file you think you’ll need to go with your service reminders.

You can add receipts and manuals to your item, keeping everything all in the one place.

There’s also a a freely available iPhone application, making for an easy way of photographing receipts.

Niggle It’s service is a paid-for one, but a free trial is available. For those who fork out $29 a year, Niggle It will send your invoices and receipts identified as “Tax Deductible” in a PDF file when tax time comes.

Niggle It’s iPhone application.