Australian Women’s Cricket Team use Apple Watch app for improved performance

Apple Watch

The Australian Women’s Cricket Team is using an app developed by The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) for Apple Watch to improve player performance.

The app runs on Apple Watch and has powerful activity monitoring to optimise team training, reduce injury risk and enhance performance.

Via wearing the Apple Watch and interacting with the app, the team tracks and shares their all-day activity, enabling coaches to monitor and modify the team’s workload based on key metrics including training load, heart rate, mood and sleep data.

Apple Watch

The app measures training load and player fatigue to ensure players do not overtrain and run the risk of injury.  

This real-time dashboard gives performance staff an insight into the team’s workload and training capacity, and the ability to make meaningful modifications to improve a player’s prospects, even from afar during periods where players are travelling.

Ian Morrow Applied Technology & Innovation Project Manager – AIS, said,

“We’ve always known that speed, breadth and accuracy would be critical if data was going to make a difference to a team’s performance. We also knew we could get performance benefits by having athletes obsessed with their data, and Apple Watch has helped us do this. The ability for the AIS to utilise the powerful sensors within Apple Watch gave us an opportunity to deliver on our ambition to innovate within performance management and create something literally game changing.”

Apple Watch