Auto batteries to get a boost with an Oxford piece of tech

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If you have concerns about the battery in a motorbike, lawnmower, small car, or something else that generally requires you to sit in or on it and drive it around, a gadget could come to the rescue.

The gadget in question is called the “Oximiser 3X”, and while the name makes our spell check function go a little haywire, it hasn’t been built to anger the spelling and grammar checking systems of the computer we’re typing this with.

Rather, this little gadget has been produced by Oxford, a company known for bicycle and motorbike expertise, and this one lends itself more to products in the latter than the former category.


What we’re told it does is deal with maintenance, providing a sort of battery check for people concerned that their auto battery isn’t quite performing up to par, relying on programs to analyse, maintain, and even charge a battery, bringing it back to life and keeping it in a good condition.

Oxford says its battery analysis consists of eight checks, including looking at polarity, voltage, battery condition, maintenance mode to track voltage drops, working out the best charging method, and three charge techniques (hence the “3X” in the name) to get the battery charging slowly, quickly, or up to 100% slowly, with the “soft-start” method ideal for batteries that have been left unused for too long and have lost charge.


As for what the Oximiser will work with, it’s pretty much anything with a 12V auto battery, though lithium batteries for motorbikes work, too.

Pricing for the little maintenance gadget comes in at $169.95, and you’ll find the Oxford Oximiser 3X in automative retailers across the country.