Avanti 2 Slice Full Metal TT7085


The Tefal Avanti?s design and price is definitely a winner. Its slanted front makes it safe and easy to watch bread as it toasts. Its buttons and levers are well labelled, ensuring simple and intuitive use. However, the reheat and defrost buttons are not labeled so if a user is unsure what they mean, the toaster?s manual needs a bit of deciphering.

The lever indicating high lift is a nice touch because it lets users know that this function can be performed. Other toasters tested did not label this function, leaving it up to users to discover it during toasting.


The Avanti?s wide slots allow a variety of breads to be toasted. The toaster?s reheat and defrost functionality works well, even on crumpets – leaving them warm and soft on the inside while toasty brown on the outside.┬áThe slanted design also comes into play here because toast can be watched easily while it browns – ensuring the right level of toasting each time.


During toasting the toaster does heat up a little, so caution needs to be taken. However, the majority of the heat is near the elements rather than the controls or sides of the toaster. The wide slots made toasting varying widths of bread a cinch – it even worked well on bread that had frozen into an uneven shape. Occasionally, if only one piece of bread is being toasted the toaster can throw the bread out of the carriage when it pops up. Crumpets cooked evenly but needed to be done twice or toasted on a high setting.

The handy reheat function worked well ? supplying a blast of heat to the toast without further toasting the bread.

The handles are easy to grip and the dials are easy to use with a clear stop button in the middle. In terms of cleaning, the stainless steel finish marked easily but this was quickly wiped away with a damp cloth. The crumb tray is easily removed from the back of the toaster, cleaned and then simply slotted back into the machine.


This toaster is definitely well worth the $79.95. It has excellent functionality and its design really helps the user create the best toast possible. Its performance, design and look definitely matched similar toasters in a higher price bracket.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

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Ease of Use
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Excellent price for what you get, front angled toaster for safe viewing whilst toasting, lever for high lift toast removal, a cool wall, a very obvious stop button
IIf a user is unaware of what the reheat and defrost buttons do then the toaster?s manual needs a bit of deciphering, toaster can heat up around the elements