AVG’s focuses on protection, performance for 2015

Security software is one of those things you simply have to have these days, but not all of us seem content with paying for it. Luckily, there is a middle ground.

For AVG, that middle ground is a free iteration of its internet security product providing the necessary bits and pieces no computer owner and user should be without, while offering more substantial security elements if you’re prepared to take out your wallet.

This week, AVG is rolling out updates to its network of software solutions, as the company forks in two directions for computer users, offering “protection” and “performance”, both of which are the words that make up the names of AVG’s new products.

“From the number of devices we own, to the types of apps we use, the digital world is now more intrinsically linked with our lives than ever before; and this dependency shows no sign of stopping,” said Andrew Reid, Senior Vice President of Products at AVG Technologies.

“However, with the online landscape getting more complicated on a daily basis, we know that consumers and businesses cannot afford to be left unprepared. That is why we are constantly evolving our products – giving our customers peace of mind that their devices will always be protected and performing at their best, no matter how their device use changes.”


First there’s “Protection”, and this is basically the mission critical product most people think of when they hear the words internet security.

Just like with previous AVG incarnations, this will arrive in both a free and paid edition, allowing even the people who can’t quite see the value in keeping their data and/or identity safe a little bit of safeguarding and protection.

In this new iteration, you’ll find an improved antivirus detection system, email protection, and link protection in web browsers for Facebook, Twitter, and general web usage, and that’s going to be the case for all users, regardless of if you’ve forked out money or left it as AVG Free.

Free version of AVG misses out on a firewall, among other things.
Free version of AVG misses out on a firewall, among other things.

If, however, you decide to spend yearly with the company, AVG Protection will also throw in password protection and encryption for files, an enhanced firewall, faster security updates, anti-spam for your email, and an online shield to stop harmful downloads in their tracks.

Regardless of if you spend, AVG Protection will be able to be installed on what the company says is an unlimited amount of devices, and when logged in via an AVG account, these installations will be linked using AVG Zen, the online dashboard for checking on the health of each computer that is connected up.

Pricing for AVG Protection comes in at $82.99 per year, with this able to be installed on as many laptops, desktops, and phones and tablets that you have, with support extending from Windows to Mac and even working on Android, too.


But it’s not the only program AVG is updating and releasing this week, with one other word yet explored.

We said it earlier, and that was “performance”, because AVG Performance is a slightly different product.

This one is less about security and more about performance integrity, with three applications built into the one, including AVG’s Cleaner for Mac, Cleaner for Android, and a Tune Up app for Windows PCs, too.

AVG Cleaner for Android, included in the AVG Performance bundle.
AVG Cleaner for Android, included in the AVG Performance bundle.

Built on a similar design to AVG’s security applications, these apps are built to find unused apps, clear out space, reduce crashing, and try to make battery life better across the board.

A different price tag comes for AVG Performance, however, and you’ll find this one for $50.99 annually, connecting again to the Zen system for AVG.

If you feel like you need both, however, AVG will make them available under one package, found in AVG Ultimate, which will be found alongside both AVG Protection and AVG Performance on the AVG website now.

AVG's Zen dashboard links up installations of both its Protect and Performance products.
AVG’s Zen dashboard links up installations of both its Protection and Performance products.