Bang adds a couple of colours to its sound devices

Gadgets generally come in shades rather than colours, but B&O is proving once again that it knows a thing or two about colours with a couple of fresh new entrants.

From this week, two of Bang & Olufsen’s developments in the sound world will get a sprucing up, with a new colour for the BeoPlay A2 speaker, and a fresh coat of paint for the H3 in-earphone.


First the speaker, which takes the same B&O portable Bluetooth speaker we saw late last year and applies a fresh coat of black with a trim in copper, making it a little different to the grey, black, and green versions you can find in the market today.

Beyond the paint job, it’s all the same speaker, with an omni-directional sound, 1.1 kilogram weight, and if our experience with the green model was anything to go by, a fair amount of bass with plenty of volume to boot.


Next is the earphone, and while earphones aren’t normally seen by people — you know, beyond the white earbuds people know you’re wearing — Bang thinks a pair of earphones could do with a new coat.

That new paint job is “Ocean Blue” which most people will probably see as “blue” or “dark blue”, but worry not, it has a real name.

Ocean Blue will be applied to the BeoPlay H3 earphone, which will also come with “Point”, which is a leather and felt case from Hard Graft to keep the earphones looking all top.


Pricing for the Ocean Blue BeoPlay H3 earphones comes in at $299, while the special edition “Black Copper” BeoPlay A2 speaker will be priced from $399, with both arriving in stores this month.