Bang & Olufsen gets smart, adds web and 3D to TV

Those lovely Danes are at it again, crafting a new entry in the well engineered BeoVision series of TVs, the latest entry gaining 3D playback and smart TV.

Arriving in 40, 46, and 55 inch sizes, the BeoVision 11 is aimed at the discerning TV buyer who not only desires the best of the best, but wants it on a motorised stand with a degree of design that only B&O could come up with.

More than just your regular set, you’ll find a 200Hz screen with active 3D technology, 360 degree picture control with the ability to sense what’s happening around the TV and adjust brightness and contrast to compensate, and nine modes designed to provide more speed and better colour for games, movies, sports, and more.

More than just a simple update to the BeoVision 10, the new TV brings with it the sort of web-based smarts we’re beginning to expect from all TV manufacturers, with Bang & Olufsen supporting YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a web browser, and more, with both an iPad and Android tablets actually being used as controllers for the TV.

Like a traditional movie theatre, the BeoVision features electronic curtains that reveal your picture to you, and the sound looks to be pretty snazzy too, with a digital surround decoder sending audio with a 32 watt class D ICEpower amp, two four inch woofers, and a couple of tweeters.

With six HDMI ports, two USB, and one headphone port, there are plenty of places to plug things into, and both wired Ethernet and wireless networking are supported too, making it compatible with pretty much any household.

We can’t give you a price just yet because B&O Australia hasn’t given us one, but with a £4995 price tag in the UK, we expect the BeoVision to hit somewhere just under the $10,000 mark when it arrives in Australia.