Basics: What is Facebook?

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. It’s a website where you can create a list of friends and family, and automatically see updates on what they’re up to.

Facebook uses everything the web has to offer – short messages, photos, videos, links to other websites, anything you can think of.

But the difference is that it’s all presented in an easy-to-read News Feed – or list – that shows you what your friends and family are doing.

Think of Facebook as an interactive postcard – short, sharp updates on a friend’s latest holiday, new baby, or home renovation!

Friends will point to news stories they think are important, comment on each other’s photos and videos, and just generally have a conversation about, well, anything!

Facebook’s search function lets you find specific people, and once you find them, you can add them to your friends list to get automatic updates.

Don’t want everyone to read your conversation? There’s a private messaging system too, that works like traditional email.

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with all your friends and family – in a lighthearted way. Your niece might not put up much important news, but at least you know she’s still alive!

There are lots of things you can do with Facebook – almost anything you can think of. It lets you plan events and get RSVPs from your guests, and you can also tap a button on your phone to post that you’ve arrived home from a holiday so people know you’ve travelled safely.

But really Facebook is all about keeping those lines of communication open – and that’s what it does best.