Basics: How to find videos on YouTube

There’s a huge selection of content on YouTube – millions of videos in fact. So how do you find what you want to watch?

YouTube works like an internet search engine. Type in a word or phrase, and a list of videos that fit will appear.

You might be interested in travelling in Thailand, for instance.  You can see the ‘Travelling Thailand’ search results (below) are a mix of home movies, so you might need to search for something slightly different.



The ‘Thailand Travel Show’ search below shows some documentaries. Notice the right-hand column of the image below lists Featured Videos – these have paid to appear here.



Click on a thumbnail to watch the video. There’s a delay before the video starts – that’s YouTube preloading the file.


Be patient – video needs to 'buffer' for a few seconds before it's ready for viewing.


Because YouTube is a streaming service, you can start watching a video before it finishes downloading. If you ‘catch up’ to the download, the video will pause for a few seconds.

When the video ends, YouTube will show a number of similar videos. Or you can click on the video’s channel to see other clips by the same YouTube user.

When your video has finished, YouTube will present similar videos for you to view.

Really, YouTube is all about exploring. See what pops up in the list as a result of your search, and just click your way around!

You might discover an amazing indie film, a clip from a TV show from years ago, or even a cat doing something cute!