You don’t have to look far to know there’s a new Star Wars movie on the way, and ahead of its release, the official astrodroid in the film has rolled into Sydney.

Star Wars fever is about to quite literally grip the world (if it hasn’t already), and ahead of what promises to be the biggest movie release of the year next week, Disney has decided to show off one of the stars of the film.

He’s not a well known actor yet, and technically, he’s not even a “he”.

It is BB-8, the astrodroid set to basically be the new lovable robot from the film, taking point from R2D2 from the original movies, and finding a way to roll into hearts and minds.

And when we say “roll”, that is precisely what he’ll do.


The version that has been flown in for the special fan celebration this week in Sydney is a life-size version of the spherical BB-8 movie robot, which in the film isn’t so much a robot, but a highly developed prop controlled by effects wizards on the set.

Apply a few sound effects and some expert manoeuvering and you basically have a character with its own life and personality, which is what BB-8 is.