Admit it ? there are days when you just want to snuggle into a huge comfy beanbag with a cup of hot coffee and a woolly blanket to keep you warm. But any old beanbag won?t do ? no, you need an oversized LoveSac for the ultimate loving. The best thing about these ?beanbags? is that they don?t actually take beans. They are filled with wonderfully soft yet long-lasting foam pieces and come compactly packed for easy transportation.

The complete LoveSac range includes the 2ft Mini Ottoman Sac, 3ft Little LoveSac, 5ft TonOLove, 6ft SuperSac, and 8ft Big One LoveSac. They are available in a ridiculous number of fabrics, and prices vary depending on the size and covering selected. The LoveSac pictured is the 6ft SuperSac in tan microsuede ($681). It?s like floating on your own giant, fluffy cloud.