Basically, you sanitise everything, watch a video or ten, and transfer 10-litres of beer via a tap/pipe system to 2 x 5l PET kegs.

Then you wait. The minimum time to create fully carbonated kegs is two weeks. Some brews will benefit from further time conditioning such as stouts – though for my first attempt two weeks will do.

If you keg ferment you need to buy a $699, 4° refrigerated BrewFlo dispenser. That makes sense if you intend to invest in a mini-brewery and want a refrigerated tap system.

BTW – you can opt not to keg but buy 12 x 740m (8.88-litre) PET screw-top reusable bottles. You add hops to the BeerDroid mix for a few days and then buy a bottling kit with bottle carbonation drops (sugar) and a filling arm.


Let’s assume you invest in a BeerDroid and a BrewFlo – $1498 for the man cave. Your only other costs are around $30-40 for the BrewPrint (plus water, sanitiser and labour).

BeerDroid and BrewFlow

A carton of 12 Coopers Pale Ale 750ml (9 litres) is $61 from Dan Murphy’s. For this exercise, let’s say 10 litres of brew is the same as a carton.

So, the maths is easy – $34 versus $61 or a saving of $27 doing it yourself. You will pay for the capital after 56 cartons, 560 litres or around 1000, 570ml pint glasses.

Or if you bottle instead of keg (the 12-bottle kit is $25), then you would recoup the price after 25 cases or 250 litres.

Homebrewers note:

Provided you have a recipe BeerDroid is fully customisable for temperature and various stage times.

Was BeerDroid hard for a newbie?

Not so much hard, but more a little tedious. All up it’s going to take around a month or more to taste the fruits of my labour. And I don’t know if it will work or not.

I am confident BeerDroid will work due to its precise fermentation and measured and tested BrewArt ingredients.

Would you buy it?

I suspect it is pretty foolproof, but it is up to you to do the maths. Put simply do you drink enough to justify the system? If so, you are either deliriously happy or have a problem and need to contact AA.

Seriously don’t drink and drive – our Alcohol tester review is here.

All I can say at this stage is that you need to do a lot more investigation into home brewing, techniques and equipment before you buy anything. This is the easy way to make pub quality home brew.

GadgetGuy’s take – BeerDroid Part 1 if half the fun

Never having home brewed before I expected (hoped) to see results in days, not over a month. So, if you have that expectation, it is not for you.