The professional chefs out there say that cooking with steam means locking in flavours and keep more moisture in your food while its cooking, which can only be a good thing, and is probably why Beko is keeping the steam in its latest oven.

A new product in Turkish manufacturer’s oven line-up, the Beko Chef 60cm Multifunction Oven is a device that is exactly what it says, but also comes with the added bonus of being able to inject steam into the oven cavity when the “Steamaid” mode is selected.

According to Beko, this mode works by throwing steam in at various points of the cooking cycle, keeping moisture in your food as the oven cooks through.

Cooking with steam isn’t the only advance in food technology you have to look forward to with this product, as the oven also supports 52 automatic cooking modes and 14 cooking functions. Interestingly, it appears that Beko is even using the water-friendly steaming function in a similar capacity to Samsung, as this oven is capable of making yoghurt.

With yoghurt possible, it’s likely that dough can be proved to, which also means to let it rise.

Grease be gone!

Steam is also useful for the cleaning process in this oven, which uses the steam to soften food and oil trapped on the surface of the oven, making it prime for a wipe down. If anything is stuck to the oven door, though, Beko is making that easier to clean thanks to the application of a nano-technology that will wipe grease, and muck away more easily