Clever motion-tracking iPhone stand is like having your own camera operator

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro
Image: Belkin.

iPhone users get a fancy new way to record videos and chat on FaceTime, courtesy of the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, a motorised mount that tracks your movements.

First revealed at CES 2024, the new accessory also claims the status as the first to receive “Works with DockKit” certification from Apple. In real terms, it means that Belkin’s newest device natively uses an iPhone’s subject-tracking features so it can follow you across different apps that use the camera.

Capable of panning 360 degrees and tilting 90 degrees, the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro makes it easier to include movement in recordings. Don’t have a tripod or a friend to hold your phone? No worries!

Aimed at content creators, app developers, and anyone regularly on video calls, it’s a device with a clear niche.

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro work
Image: supplied.

“The Stand Pro is unlike any other Belkin product we’ve created,” said Melody Tecson, Belkin’s vice president of product management.

“Combining premium Belkin quality, impressively responsive robotics, and advanced subject tracking technology with DockKit, we’re excited to provide content creators with a thoughtfully designed product that will effortlessly enhance the creation process.”

Catering specifically to iPhone users, the Stand Pro uses MagSafe technology to hold the phone in place. It means you need an iPhone 12 or a newer MagSafe-compatible model. It also means you can charge your phone wirelessly when the Stand Pro is plugged into a power source.

Importantly for outdoor filming, the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro doesn’t need external power to work. Equipped with a battery estimated to last five hours at a time, you’re not tethered to a cable. In between use, the stand charges via its included 30W USB-C charger.

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro price

Here’s the kicker: Belkin’s tracking stand sets you back $299 via retailers and the brand’s website. It’s not cheap, putting it in the realm of enthusiasts and professionals looking to diversify their filming gear.

You’re also paying for the convenience of seamless integration. Arguably the stand’s best feature is that it works without a third-party app. Simply attach your phone, use NFC to pair it with the stand, and start recording. Whether you use FaceTime, TikTok, or Microsoft Teams, it tracks you natively without a cumbersome setup.

Ultimately, it’s a really cool idea with a specific audience in mind. If you’re the type to move around during video calls or want an easy way to record videos by yourself, it could be worth the investment.

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