Belkin builds an Apple Watch charger you’ll actually want

Owners of the iPhone and Apple Watch probably have a few cables lying around on their bedside table for charging both gadgets, but what if there was one that could handle both?

That may well be coming from Belkin, with the accessories company collaborating with Apple for the Belkin Charge Dock, a small charge station building in a Lightning dock with an adjustable connector depending on the case thickness you use (if any at all), while also building in a magnetic charger for the Apple Watch.

Perhaps the most interesting part if that magnetic charger off to the side, meaning you won’t have to tie in the standard Apple Watch charger, keeping this separate and useful for luggage when you head overseas, and essentially giving you a secondary Watch charger.


“Belkin is proud to introduce a charging solution in which we collaborated with Apple to ensure that the functionality and design aesthetically fit within the Apple ecosystem, while also serving as an elegant stand to display and conveniently store and charge both devices” said Melody Tecson, Director of Product Management at Belkin.

Now for the hard part: the price.

At $189.95, Belkin’s Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone is not a cheap gadget, not by a long shot.


Granted, it does bring in a sleek look with a metal arm for the Watch charger, but at a tenner under $200, this isn’t a cheap charger at all.

That being said, if you’ve already spent at least $500 on an Apple Watch and desire something suitably clean and minimalist for your bedside for both the phone and watch, this could certainly fill the gap.