Belkin comes up with lightning fast Lightning iPad dock

If you’re feeling a little let down by iOS 7 in the battery life department, a new product for a touch over fifty might be just what the iPad ordered.

Designed to battle battery woes on iPad models sporting the Lightning adaptor is a new dock developed by Belkin, that aims to charge up that tablet in a jiffy.

Heading to stores from the middle of October, the Belkin Express Dock for iPad isn’t just made for Apple’s larger devices, as it will charge anything else with the Lightning connector, including an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPod Touch, though with a larger footprint, it’s clear that Belkin has built this for the iPad and iPad Mini.

“We have listened to our consumers, who regularly tell us they want docking and charging solutions for their tablet and phone that doesn’t require them to take off the case,” said Brendan Sparks, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Belkin in the Australia and New Zealand region.

“Our new Express Dock addresses these concerns and really epitomises our promise of delivering people-inspired products and solutions.”

While the Express Dock has been designed to take charge from a wall, it can also be plugged into a laptop and sync through a USB port, with a one metre cable in case you need to get further. Pricing for the dock is set to $60, with stores receiving stock in the next couple of weeks.