Belkin Compact Surge Protector

Designed to be inconspicuous, Belkin’s Compact Surege Protector safeguards your electronics against damaging power surges. The small-footprint design allows the surge protector to be placed easily against a wall, under a desk, or behind your lounge.

This unique product keeps cables tidy and organised for a clean and compact appearance. The Compact Surge Protector has 6 outlets, and a 2 metre cord.

Please note, this product is for use in dry locations, and is not for use with aquariums or other water-related products.

Lifetime product warranty

Belkin will replace, free of charge, any Belkin surge protector that is defective or expires after protecting your electronic devices. There is no limit to the number of times that Belkin will replace the expired surge protector. You only need to purchase the product once.

Connected equipment warranty

Belkin will repair or replace any equipment damaged by a surge, spike or lightning strike while properly connected to a Belkin surge protector.

Data recovery warranty

If this Belkin product fails while properly connected and your hard drive is damaged, Belkin will provide professional data recovery services to recover your lost data. This service will be provided by Belkin’s partner, Seagate Recovery Services.


Max. energy dissipation: 1870 Joules
Telephone line: 320 Joules
Max. spike current: 49,500A
Max. spike volts: 6,000 volts
Response time: < 1 nanosecond
EMI/RFI noise filtration: 150 KHz – 100 MHz, up to 60 dB reduction
Dimensions: 120 x 280 x 115 mm (H x W x L)

Price and availability

The Belkin Compact Surge Protector has an RRP of $149.95, and is available now.

Belkin Compact Surge Protector

Source: Belkin