Belkin Conserve Surge – save money and conserve energy

The new Belkin Conserve Surge is a convenient solution that makes it easy to completely eliminate power to electronic appliances when they’re not in use. It’s an ideal solution to help protect valuable equipment, save money and conserve energy.

The Conserve’s wireless remote control keeps you from having to reach below desks, behind home theatre equipment, around furniture or other inconvenient places where surge protectors typically sit.

With this handy remote control, you can eliminate standby power consumption to appliances such as TVs, DVD players, stereo systems, laptops, monitors, multi-function printers and external hard drives when you are done using them.

Two “always-on” outlets allow you to leave devices that typically need to stay on, such as PVRs, modems or VoIP handsets.

Price and availability

Belkin Conserve Surge is available now, at an RRP of $249.95.