Belkin G+ MIMO wireless networking line delivers further range


Belkin brings to consumers its new Wireless G+ MIMO line, giving them wider wireless internet coverage. Powered by MIMO technology, Wireless G+ MIMO is a smart radio technology that enhances the 802.11g wireless standard by providing increased speed, coverage and reliability for wireless systems.

>The new G+ MIMO range from Belkin provides users with better performance at a very cost effective price, the G+ MIMO technology now also covers those dead spots within the home that were previously experienced with standard 802.11 wireless networks,, said Anthony Malone, Network Product Manager for Belkin.

Ideal for homes with multiple wireless-enabled computers, Wireless G+ MIMO provides a wider coverage area for downloading music from the internet, sharing photos and gaming online. Its design helps combat distortion and interference, allowing the Belkin products to send data streams further and more reliably.
>Belkin G+ MIMO takes full advantage of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology offering consumers further range and greater throughput than the standard 802.11g products,, said Mr Malone.


  • Wireless range: Belkin G+ MIMO delivers the industryys best wireless coverage, extending your range with improved reliability and fewer drops
  • Guaranteed interoperability: G+ MIMO is Wi-Fii certified and seamlessly interoperates with a mixture of Belkinns G+ MIMO, Pre-N and legacy 802.11b/802.11g devices
  • Improves performance of legacy 802.11g and 802.11b networking devices: In mixed networking environments, Belkin G+ MIMO products increase 802.11g and 802.11b performance up to 10 percent
  • Wi-Fi certified for secure network connection
  • Uses NAT and SPI firewall to protect network from outside intrusions by hackers
  • Advanced Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) support provides enhanced encryption protecting your wireless network
  • Includes a Belkin Lifetime Warranty and free, technical support

The Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO line includes:

  • G+ MIMO Router (F5D9230au4) $199.95
  • G+ MIMO Notebook Card (F5D9010au) $99.95
  • G+ MIMO USB Adapter (F5D9050au) $99.95
  • G+ MIMO Modem Router* (F5D9630au4A) $229.95

Source: Belkin