iPhone X series

Belkin has 36 iPhone X series accessories

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Belkin now 36 accessories for the new iPhone X series. They thoughtfully delivered a truckload over to GadgetGuy for testing. All work very well.

Rather than cover the entire range (click here) we have curated our ‘Best of Belkin for iPhone’ picks.

Wall chargers – iPhone X series

The iPhone X series shipped with a lousy 5V/1A charger (5A). Belkin offers some faster alternatives.

iPhone X series
iPhone X series

All the following will need a USB-C to Lightning cable for $39.95.

BOOST↑CHARGE 27W USB-C + 12W USB-A Home Charger $69.95 and it’s handy to have a USB-A port offering 5V/2.4A for everything else.

USB-C 45W Home Charger + USB-C to USB-C Cable $79.95. This is a 45W/3A Qualcomm Fast charge compatible that will fast charge the iPhone X series too.

iPhone X series

USB-C Car Charger + Cable (USB Type-C) $69.95 offers 27W/3A charging and supports Qualcomm Quick Charge  5 volt / 9 volt / 12 volt USB-PD profiles.

Screen Protectors
iPhone X series

Belkin offers three grades

iPhone X series
  • ScreenForce Invisiglass Ultra $49.95 (flat). It uses Corning Accessory Glass 2 that is .29mm thin. It offers 3-5X improvement in scratch-resistance and 25% increase in drop performance.
  • ScreenForce TemperedCurve $59.95. It uses Japanese made 9H, .33mm glass that wraps around the edges. A precision applicator is supplied to ensure a perfect fit. It is the best but make sure you increase touch sensitivity in the iPhone settings.
  • ScreenForce TemperedGlass $29.95 (flat). It offers scratch resistance but not drop protection.

Power Banks – iPhone X series

Now that we know the iPhone X battery capacities (iFixit Teardown here) we can recommend Belkin’s range of Pocket Power 5000, 10000 and 15,000 USB-A power banks at $39.95, $59.95 and $79.95 respectively. These use the USB-A to Lightning cable that comes with the iPhone or buy another MIXIT↑ Metallic Lightning to USB Cable for $29.95.

iPhone X series

BOOST↑CHARGE Power Bank comes in 5,000 and 10,000 mAh and includes a Lightning Connector cable at $69.95 and $89.95 respectively.

Other cables – iPhone X series

iPhone X series

Belkin 3.5 mm Audio Cable with Lightning Connector $39.95 converts the digital signal from the Lightning port to analogy 3.5mm to plug into car audio, amplified speaker etc.

iPhone X series

3.5 mm Audio + Charge RockStar  $49.94 allows you to plug in a 3.5mm audio and charge the Lightning at the same time. There is also a Lightning version (replaces the 3.5mm jack) for $59.95.

Wireless chargers (new model coming)

Belkin Boost↑Up wireless charging dock for new iPhone and watch 4 (no website at present)

Belkin says its Boost↑Up wireless charging dock for new iPhone and watch 4 will be in the shops in time for Christmas.

The new dock is

  • Optimised wireless charging up to 7.5W for iPhone and at 5W/1A for Apple Watch
  • An additional USB-A port charges a third device up to 5W/1A
  • Nightstand mode for Apple Watch at an optimal viewing angle
  • Can charge through most phone cases up to 3mm thick
  • 45W AC adapter included
  • Qi-certification, MFi-certification, Connected Equipment Warranty and 3-year warranty

Oliver Seil, vice president of design at Belkin said

The BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Dock is highly engineered for function and designed for aesthetic and beauty. From the outside, you see a beautiful piece of hardware. On the inside is a complex charging system that allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Belkin products simply work and work beautifully.

Belkin’s PowerHouse Wired Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone receives updates for new series. It is for those who prefer to charge their iPhone via the Lightning connector. The new design features a red dial to raise and lower the Lightning connector.


TBA but US pricing for the Boost↑Up wireless charging dock is $159.00 so expect around A$250 with the weaker Australian dollar and GST.

The PowerHouse Wired Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone (red dial) is US$99.99 so expect around $155 here.

Availability: December