Magnetic Qi2 charger range brings faster speeds to Australia

Belkin Qi2 charger 3-in-1
Image: supplied.

Wireless charging in Australia has taken a step forward, with Belkin launching its first Qi2 charger range on local shores.

First shown at IFA last year, the chargers enable faster wireless speeds and use magnetic technology like Apple’s proprietary MagSafe tech. It makes sense because Apple is one of the many members of the Wireless Power Consortium, the organisation responsible for the Qi charging standard.

Although 15W remains the maximum charging speed of Qi2, more compatible devices should reach that speed than the previous-generation technology. It’s also said to be more energy efficient.

Magnetic technology is a welcome addition, making the chargers easier to use. Some older Qi chargers made it difficult to find the optimum position for devices, which won’t be a problem for the new standard. When using a compatible device with a Qi2 charger, like the new Belkin range, the magnets will hold the device in place so it doesn’t slip away and stop charging.

Included in the new Belkin offering are three Qi2 chargers. There’s a three-in-one magnetic stand, a two-in-one magnetic pad, and a convertible unit that works as a stand or a pad.

For now, it’s mainly Apple devices that benefit the most. iPhone 12 models and later already use MagSafe, as do AirPods and Apple Watch, but the door is now wide open for other brands to implement Qi2 compatibility. The multi-device Qi2 chargers from Belkin support up to 15W speeds to phones, and 5W to additional devices. Plus, the two-in-one model has a USB-C port available to deliver power to a non-Qi device.

Belkin Qi2 charger range price

Out now on Belkin’s website and retailers in Australia, here’s how much each Belkin Qi2 charger costs:

In line with the company’s big sustainability vision, each Qi2 charger is made from at least 72% recycled plastics. With the latest wireless charging standard now in Australia, keeping your devices topped up just became a little bit easier.

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