Belkin unveils “Conserve” range: eco-friendly products in eco-friendly packaging

Belkin has this week launched four new products as part of the “Conserve” range, featuring four ideas aimed at helping you become more aware of your carbon footprint while saving you money.

Belkin’s Smart Power will cut power to devices in the green rectangle when the master device – say your TV or amp – is switched to standby.

The range includes an energy monitor, a USB charging system for phones and portable devices, power socket timer, and a new type of power strip that will turn off devices such as your DVD player and game systems when they’re completely unneeded.

It’s not just the devices that stick with the theme, as Belkin has minimised the packaging by dropping as much plastic as possible and going with easy-to-open cardboard.

Of the four devices here, we’re pretty taken by the Conserve Insight, Belkin’s handheld energy monitor designed to tell you how much money devices in your home will cost you over time.

Turning off the power is a key focus here, as the power usage switches to practically nothing when all of these devices are turned off.