Belkin’s smart light bulb (finally) launches in Australia

Belkin has been in the home automation space for a while, but if you rented a home, you were out of luck. Until now, that is, as Belkin’s WiFi light technology comes to the bulb, meaning no sparky or heavy installation required.

Rather, the Belkin Wemo Smart LED Bulbs can be used in any home, provided you have a Wemo Link, a device that acts as a network hub for all of the wireless light bulbs to talk to.

Once you have that, the Belkin Wemo Smart Bulbs will use wireless networking to talk to your network and your smartphone and tablets, making it possible to control lights from portable gadgets, and subsequently set up rules for the light bulbs to work from, such as simulating you being there when you’re on holiday.

“More than any other element in the connected home, smart lighting is functional, emotional and most significantly, economical,” said Emma Holley, Marketing Manager for Belkin in Australia and New Zealand.

“The new Wemo Smart LED Bulbs give consumers endless options for controlling and customising their household lighting to suit their needs and creates a considerably broader home automation integration offering.”

Belkin’s bulbs will come in both bayonet and screw mount, each providing the same amount of light as a 60 watt bulb, while consuming around 10 watts. The bulbs aren’t pure white either, but rather “warm white” (not Walter White) measured at 3000 kelvin and emitting 800 lumens.

Belkin suggests a lifespan of up to 23 years for the LED bulbs, with a Wemo Link able to control up to 50 bulbs before needing another Link in a home.

And because the Smart Bulbs are part of the Wemo line, Belkin sends word that the light bulbs will be compatible with other Wemo products, allowing those with a Wemo’d home to install compatible light bulbs, as well as those without the light switches to do so, also.

“Whether at home or away, Australian consumers can utilise Wemo smart lighting to make the most of increased energy savings, turn off lights they forgot on their way out, dim lights over time when putting little ones to sleep and deter burglars when on holiday,” said Holley.

“The Wemo family of products enhanced by today’s announcement about our new smart lighting solutions, truly puts Aussies in control and makes their lives easier.”

Starter packs are available in both bayonet and screw mount.

Pricing for the Belkin Wemo Smart LED Bulbs comes in at $49.95 each, though a Wemo link is required, meaning the starter kit with both the Link and two Smart Bulbs are required in the beginning, with this pack grabbing a recommended retail price of $169.95 with availability in stores now.