BenQ gets into lighting with a bit of Wit (no joke)

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It may sound like a joke, but BenQ’s latest gadget is neither computer nor monitor, but can be used with each: it’s a light that adjusts to your surroundings.

Monitor and ex-computer maker BenQ has spent a lot of time coming up with ideas to improve your life, and off the back of a screen that cuts down on blue light emissions to keep your eyes from screaming in pain, the company is trying something different.


It’s called the “Wit” and it is probably one of the more interesting concepts we’ve seen from BenQ in recent years as the company dabbles in a space being toyed with the likes of Philips and Belkin.

While its name is a little odd, BenQ’s Wit will do what it can to make you comfortable in any situation, particularly those where it’s a little darker than you might want.

Switch the Wit on and you’ll find why: it’s a lamp.


Specifically, BenQ’s Wit is a lamp that covers a 90cm length and provides a customisable colour temperature for its light source that allows it to run through the warmth of 2700K all the way to the cool white of 5700K.

You’re not expected to be well versed in Kelvin temperatures here, so don’t worry. Rather, BenQ has built in a rotary knob on the Wit lamp so you can dial in the warmth of the lamp you’re after.

Alternatively, the Wit featured an ambient light sensor to detect the scene colour of the room that will match best as well as ambient brightness from existing light sources to deliver the right sort of light for the room you’re in.

BenQ’s design appears to be quite good, too, because while it’s not quite the Luxo lamp that jumps around the Pixar title sequence and backlot, the aluminium casing and ball joint in its design still make the BenQ Wit look like a playful friend, albeit one that lights up your home.


Pricing for BenQ’s Wit is set to $249, with electronic stores receiving the lamps shortly.