BenQ launches Eye Care Monitor with Immaculate Colour Reproduction

These days we tend to think of computer monitors as mere commodities. Head down to your brown goods retailer and pay the lowest price for the size of monitor that you want. But there are categories of buyers who want – who need – something more. And companies like BenQ cater for those needs.

BenQ covers both the high frame rate gaming monitor field, and monitors for graphic artists. For the latter it has released the surprisingly good value EW3270ZL Eye Care Monitor with Immaculate Colour Reproduction, as BenQ calls it.

We shall return to that stuff about caring for eyes shortly, but what’s this about “Immaculate Colours”? If you’re creating and adjusting and preparing images for publication, whether online or for print, it’s a good idea to have the on-screen colours conform to industry standards. That way the print will come out the way you want it to, and on-screen presentations are more likely to be what you want. That’s where this monitor excels.

BenQ says that the panel supports 10 bit Colour which means that it can display 1.07 billion colours, fully covering the sRGB colour gamut. That, says BenQ, allows the “most consistent and accurate reproduction of authentic content”.

One unusual feature is something called “Smart Focus” which . . . well let’s hear what BenQ has to say on the matter.

Smart focus allows you to pinpoint an area on the screen to remain bright, while dimming the surrounding area, allowing you to focus on your highlighted on-screen content.

It will be interesting to see precisely how this works. Off hand, I’d guess that highlighting screen content as a point of focus would be just the kind thing that would distract my focus. Still, one nice thing about most features is that you don’t have to use them.

The display offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1. The eye care feature has two parts. First, the monitor senses ambient light levels so that it can adjust overall brightness levels, avoiding the problem of a monitor being too bright for prevailing conditions. Secondly, the monitor uses BenQ’s “Flicker-Free” technology to eliminate that cause of wear and tear on the user’s eyes.

The  EW3270ZL is a large monitor, 32 inches in size. It offers QHD resolution, or 2560 by 1440 pixels. It has HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort inputs.

The recommended retail price for the EW3270ZL is $649.