BenQ releases the W500 home theatre projector


BenQ have launched the W500 3LCD projector targeting at home theatre enthusiasts. The 720p home theatre projector features BenQ?s Senseye? technology, dynamic iris, HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processor, 1,100 ANSI lumens and a high 5,000:1 contrast ratio. It also works seamlessly with a wide range of devices from conventional VCR to the latest gaming consoles, HD DVD players and Blu-ray DVD players.

Native HD-like experience

With the embedded HQV processor, the W500 not only converts SD content such as analog TV broadcasts to HD-quality video, but also analyzes each pixel from the video source for display of HD-like images.

Flawless motion performance

BenQ W500 effectively smoothes away the jagged edges and images that crop up along the edges of moving objects with the Multi-Dimensional Diagonal Filtering (MDDF) technology and is able to examine four fields instead of the usual two, using advanced ?motion adaptive de-interlacing? to remove artifacts around moving objects that result when converting interlaced SD video to non-interlaced HDS video.

Superior high contrast

The iris-like lens design incorporated inside the W500 is a mechanism that mimics the human eye, adjusting the aperture after analyzing the incoming video signal. The aperture is contracted during dark scenes for truer black tones and enhanced details, while it is enlarged for bright scenes to maximise light output and enable a wider dynamic range.

Precise colour reproduction

The W500 achieves greater color accuracy by handling each colour signal in the video input individually, applying its brightness value directly in rendering the video. Moreover, it is able to process a full 10 bits of colour data for far greater colour precision and a more vivid picture quality.

Easy installation

With the equipped joystick the W500 effortlessly positions the image by shifting the lens with the joystick controller. The projector is equipped with powerful preset modes, including cinema mode for feature films and dynamic mode for brightly lit environments. Furthermore, three re-nameable user modes are also available for AV enthusiasts to explore settings that best suit their needs.

Source: BenQ