BenQ – the first ‘Verified by CalMAN’ Display Manufacturer

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BenQ has become the first display manufacturer in the world to become ‘Verified by CalMAN’. That means true, accurate colours and colour gamut measurements.

Portrait Display’s ‘Verified by CalMAN’ (website here) program ensures each BenQ display is accurate out-of-the-box and true to multiple industry-standard colour gamut’s. Seven BenQ displays have achieved ‘Verified by CalMAN’ status being the

Naturally, these are professional monitors for designers and photo/video editors. Note that the verification program means that whatever BenQ state the colour gamut is – be that Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, sRGB and BT.709 – it is correct.


Martin Moelle, managing director of BenQ in Australia and New Zealand, said,

“CalMAN software is the display calibration solution chosen by nearly every video calibrator and professional in broadcast, production and post-production,” “It’s also the most popular solution for home video enthusiasts.

‘Verified by CalMAN’ provides objective, third-party validation

Displays undergo rigorous testing in the Portrait Displays colour lab to determine each display’s performance. Only those displays that meet the program’s stringent specifications for colour accuracy receive ‘Verified by CalMAN’ accreditation.


The President and CEO of Portrait Displays, Eric Brumm, said the accreditation is for the highest-grade of displays meeting the strict requirements of its program.

“We are proud to be partnering with BenQ and using CalMAN software to verify that these models deliver a high level of colour and image accuracy”, said Brumm.

GadgetGuy’s take: I want a CalMAN

Throughout the year we have reviewed dozens of monitors, notebooks, all-in-ones and TVs. All make claims about brightness, contrast, HDR and Colour Gamut.

We have some testing software that usually agrees with manufacturer’s claims – but when it does not, you wonder if it is them or us!

Often truth in advertising gives way to ‘under ideal condition’ over-rides that the average user can never hope to achieve. We congratulate BenQ for taking this bold step and trust this new testing regimen rolls out to all its monitors.

And while BenQ is the first monitor display maker to join the Verified by CalMAN program, there are certain OLED TV models from LG, Sony and Panasonic that have built-in colour calibration patterns – reliable standards are becoming essential in a world where marketing hype rules.