Massive Click Frenzy tech deals are live now with great prices on TVs

Click Frenzy The Main Event 2023 tech deals

Click Frenzy: The Main Event, one of Australia’s biggest online sales events, is here. Inspired by the Black Friday sales overseas, Click Frenzy offers lots of discounts from many different retailers over three bargain-filled days. As we’ve seen in the past, this means lots of great tech deals.

As its name suggests, this sale is the biggest on the Click Frenzy calendar, which has multiple major sales throughout the year. Earlier in 2023, there was the ‘Mayhem’ sale, which had deep discounts on home entertainment, phones, computers, gaming, and more.

Growing in popularity each year, Click Frenzy is also known for its limited-time 99% discounts on big items. In the past, this has included MacBooks, Google Pixel phones, and game consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

As the 2023 edition of Click Frenzy: The Main Event arrives, here are all the key bits of info you’ll want to know to give yourself every chance of swiping a bargain.

Click Frenzy: The Main Event 2023 details

When is Click Frenzy: The Main Event 2023?

This year’s big sale starts on Tuesday 24 October 2023 at 7:00 pm AEDT and runs until midnight on Thursday 26 October. It’s earlier than last year’s event, which was in November, leaving a bit more breathing room between Click Frenzy and the Black Friday sales leading into Christmas.

If you’re keen to get in on the action early, signing up as a member gives you an hour’s head start on everyone else. Some deals require a discount code exclusive to members, or give you extra savings, like an extra 10% off Dyson’s sale items.

Click Frenzy: The Main Event 2023 tech deals

There are a lot of tech deals during this year’s sale. Some retailers, like The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi, have storewide discounts on top of any other deals. Meanwhile, there are lots of discounts on specific types of devices from brands, including audio, computers, gaming, phones and accessories.

Save more than $1,000 on LG and Hisense TVs

We can’t look past this great deal on the LG C3 OLED, where you can get a 65-inch TV for less than $3,000 from JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys. It’s one of the best TVs for all uses, so it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market.

For something more affordable, you can even get a Hisense Mini LED TV for under $1,000. Mini LED TVs are a great choice for bright living rooms thanks to the technology’s high brightness, and they’re generally cheaper than OLED.

Tech retailers doing Click Frenzy

As the sale begins, we’ll unpack some of the best individual bargains you can score.

Go Nuts 99% Off Deals

As has become a tradition during Click Frenzy, there will be some extremely hot-ticket items discounted by 99%. Considering the highly limited nature of these deals, there’s a specific process you need to follow to be in with a chance.

At various intervals throughout the Click Frenzy sale, a pop-up will appear on the event’s site, signalling that a 99% off deal is live. When it appears, you answer a question, where the fastest correct response secures the deal. An official FAQ outlines the instructions in full, with email subscribers and social media followers getting hints as to when each deal will go live.

Here are some of the massive discounts featured during 2023’s Click Frenzy: The Main Event:

  • $15 iPhone 15
  • $6 GoPro Hero 12
  • $5 Nintendo Switch
  • $20 MacBook (13-inch)
  • $4 Apple AirPods Pro
  • $8 Xbox Series X

It’s not yet known which exact models are included as part of these discounts. One could assume with some quick maths that if 99% off a Nintendo Switch equals $5, it’s probably the more expensive OLED model. Same with the AirPods Pro, in that it’s likely the 2nd Generation, although whether it’s the Lightning or new USB-C model remains to be seen.

We’ll know for sure once the sale starts, including which MacBook model gets discounted. Regardless, $15 for an iPhone 15, given that the range only launched last month, is a staggering discount.

For more details about the 2023 Click Frenzy sales, you can visit the official website. Between now and the Black Friday sales next month, it could be a good time to get your Christmas shopping done.

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