Best holiday wishes from the GadgetGuy team is taking a bit of a break over the Festive Season. We hope you have a great break with your friends and family, that you stay safe on the roads and that you got all the gadgets you received working without too much trouble – and were able to remember or locate those all important batteries for the new toys (for both little kids and the big kids!).

The team here thanks you for your continued support and feedback – we’ll be back online on 5 January 2009. It should be an interesting year. How much will our deflated dollar cause prices to inflate? What goodies will come of the Macworld and CES shows in a couple of weeks? Will there be a new iPhone model announced in January? Blu-ray – will it continue to grow, or will a new format steal a little of its glow?

We have some exciting new additions planned for the site next year – in the areas of video and ‘Web 2.0’ – no details, just a couple of hints. We’ll let you know more when the time comes. We’ve enjoyed catching up with some of you on our Facebook and Twitter pages (both will open in a new window), and hope to see more of you all there in 2009.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of popular stories from 2008:

  • iPhone 3G – quite a few people brought over the first version of the iPhone, which wasn’t released in Australia, but finally in the middle of the year we had the new 3G version to play with. Click here to read the review.
  • First Blu-ray recorder – not only was the Panasonic DMR-BW500 the first lounge room-style Blu-ray recorder on sale in Australia, but that outside of Japan we were the first market worldwide to receive it. Click here to read the review.
  • Blu-ray players start to hover around, and drop under, the $500 mark – our article Blu movie stars took a look at a few of the new models.
  • TiVo – we read about it, and heard it mentioned on TV shows for 10 years. It finally landed Down Under this year, and here’s what we thought of the device.
  • Blu-ray defeated HD DVD in the high definition disc war
  • Going Places: You GPS buyers guide – a microsite containing a selection of articles to help you navigate your way around the purchase of a very handy little item.
  • Our current competition in which we are giving away a return fare to Florida flying Business Class, 3 nights accommodaion in a luxury hotel, AND, a fabulous experience, a 90 minute Zero Gravity fligh. Click here to read more, and to enter the compeition, and remember, you can enter as many times as you like! It closes 13 January, so get in there and enter!

Again, enjoy your Xmas and New Year celebrations, and we’ll be back with a bang on 5 January.