Big deal: Microsoft makes a 1TB Xbox One with a new controller

Video games are getting bigger, so what’s the answer when you own a console with a finite amount of space? Simple: just add more.

That’s the solution from Microsoft, which has announced that its Xbox One will be getting an update in the hard drive department, increasing from the 500GB size to a doubled capacity of 1TB.


The hard drive isn’t all that changes with the console, with a new wireless controller also coming with the console which has had a bit of a redesign including a 3.5mm stereo headset jack (above) so you can plug in your own headset to talk to friends you’re gaming with, while the bumpers have been tuned to be more consistent for people who game often.

And interestingly, Microsoft will even allow Xbox controllers to work with Windows computers, at least when Windows 10 enters the frame.


To make this work, you will need an Xbox Wireless Adaptor, which is a little USB dongle designed to pick up on the wireless signal an Xbox controller uses, but once the two are talking, you’ll be able to play your Windows games with an Xbox controller, and possibly some Xbox Live action when Microsoft rolls that out to computers.

Pricing on these is confirmed, with the Xbox One 1TB variant arriving in Australia from June 24 for an RRP of $549, while the Xbox Wireless Adaptor will arrive later in the year for around $40.

The new controller is a little different.
The new controller is a little different.