Big headphones on the way from Audeze with an eco-friendly angle

Larger headphones are often considered luxurious not just because they have big drivers and equally big sound, but high grade materials like wood, leather, and more, but what if you want something a little more ecologically friendly and equally luxurious?

For that you have to turn to something a little unusual, and a lot more unique, with a use of sustainable and animal friendly materials relied upon for construction.

In that category, a new pair of headphones has arrived from Audeze. Called the LCD-2 Bamboo, they’re a unique looking pair of headphones made from bamboo and sustainable wood — among other things — and there’s even a wood care kit included in the box to keep the headphones looking their very best.

No cows were harmed during the making of these headphones, either, with leather-free ear pads relying instead on micro-suede which despite the name is a form of polyester. From the looks of things, these will be circumaural and large, and should be as soft as leather, making them quite comfortable.

The most important part of the headphone is the sound and the technology driving that, and for this section, Audeze relies on a layered diaphragm with several planar magnets that it calls “Fazor,” which at the moment is patent-pending. According to the company, this technology “helps to guide and manage the flow of sound around the magnets” providing a smoother audio for ears.

We’re also seeing 6.5mm headset jacks, which means these probably won’t be ideal for your iPhone, and will probably prefer an amp to drive. You could do it, mind you, but until we play with them, our expectation is that these will be made with high-end audio in mind, which is something the $1299 price tag seems to speak to.

High-end audio enthusiasts are where you’ll find the Audeze LCD-2 Bamboo headphones, with availability in the weeks to come.